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Linkfert Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is the authorised agent of Goss Graphic System (China) Co., Ltd (GGSC) for the territories of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia and has the rights to sell the complete range of products manufactured by GGSC under the brand of Wisprint, including spare parts and enhancements.

Magnum Compact

Speed: Up to 50,000 cph

Cut off: 546mm / 578mm

Cylinder Configuration: 2*1

Folder: 1:3:3 Jaw, 1/2 Fold


1:2 Jaw, 1/2 Fold (Options – 1/4 Fold, Double parallel)


WS-C 300

Speed: 1/2 Fold- 35,000 cph


1/4 Fold, Double parallel- 30,000 cph

Cut-off: 630mm

Width: 890mm


Aqua Stream

Web width: 1,100mm (43.3 inch) OR 1,650mm (72.8 inch)

Printing width: 1,080mm (42.5 inch) OR 1,630 (64.1 inch)

Repeat range: 508-1,016mm (20-40 inch)

Paperboard weight: 80-380 gsm

Speed: 360 m/min OR 1,181 ft/min

Circumferential adjustment: 360°

Side lay adjustment: ±5mm (0.2 inch)


Speed: Up to 12,000cph

Printing area: 720*1,040mm

Paper thickness: 0.06-0.6mm

Max film width: 1,000mm

Max roll diameter: 400mm

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