23 Years

Industry Leader

One-Stop Solution

LINKFERT has a team of well-trained, skillful and experienced workforce to provide superior service quality on a 24-hours basis to our Valued Customers who require crucial troubleshooting or rectification jobs.

Our factory is fully equipped with the necessary precision tools, equipment and machineries to meet both internal and external engineering needs and projects.

Our scope of specialist services includes Project, Design and Manufacturing, Fabrication and Supply.


We provide a wide array of innovative engineering solutions across all functions and industries ranging from printing press and construction to agriculture and advertising installations. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US to learn more.

Design and Manufacturing

  • Slitter Rewinder
  • Upper Former
  • Baywindow
  • Newspaper Stream Conveyor
  • Upgrading of Presses


  • Planning and Management of Inspection
  • Dismantling, Packaging and Transportation
  • Refurbishing, Installation and Commissioning
  • Re-manufacturing and Upgrading

Fabrication and Supply

  • Machining of printing machine parts and components
  • Supply of printing machine spare parts from oversea and OEM


New Equipment | Used Equipment

  • Press Parts
  • Rollers, gears, motor, etc.
  • Electronic card.
  • Printing Supplies
  • Blanket, cutting sticks, cushion, etc.
  • Used & Reconditioned Spare Parts
  • Cylinders, electronics cards, etc.
  • Retrofit or Upgrading